Finally!  Harvard Medical School Researcher Reveals the Secret to Flipping the Switch from Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence!

(within 7 days without ever going back to the ‘old way’ again)

From:  The Desk of Sharon Melnick, Ph.D.

Friend, Here are a few questions….

  • Do you doubt yourself, even though you are talented – and believe that others are better than you even if they’re not?
  • Do you hold yourself back from speaking up at work or at home – and then stew about it later?
  • Are you your own worst critic and take things personally?
  • Do you want to be the “go to person”, but you still procrastinate?
  • Have you ever bought a book, taken a course, or tried using willpower to help you become more successful and comfortable in your own skin…but you still feel like the same person?

If so, you may now realize you’ve wasted a lot of time and energy, and have missed out on a lot more income.

But those days are soon to be over!!

I can show you how to quickly and permanently change your self-criticism and self-doubts into a quiet confidence. And then you’ll be able to put secure money in the bank, gain a notch of leadership effectiveness, and allow enjoyment back into your life)

If the old way for you was procrastination, perfectionism, and people pleasing, let’s welcome in a future in which you take action, think you are smart enough, and stay rational instead of reactive. The Transformations You’ll Make Are Fast, and Forever, not the usual “Change for 2 Weeks Then Go Back To The Old Way.”

And your newfound confidence won’t take 10 years in therapy, either! Within 7 days, you – and other people in your life – will already notice a difference.

How can I make such a bold claim?

Because, despite having led clinical research at Harvard Medical School and taught over 7000 businesspeople in my programs, I’ve been where you are at this very moment.

My name is Dr. Sharon Melnick.  I’m a business psychologist, and a trainer to people like you — someone who just needs to solve that one small “missing” piece from the puzzle to take your career and relationships to a much higher level than now.

Although people who know me now find it hard to believe, I used to be a pretty insecure, people pleasing kind of person.  My first question was always “What will other people think of me”. I thought I needed to know everything and if I didn’t I criticized myself for being “stupid”. I was told I was very good in my career, but inside I still felt I wasn’t good enough or far along enough, at least compared to others.

Back then, I didn’t feel I deserved at seat at the table.  I often didn’t speak up at meetings or in my relationships- then I kicked myself about it later.  I spun my wheels thinking about ideas but didn’t take action on them. I honestly wondered how those ‘successful’ people could make it look so effortless. Inside I wondered ‘what’s wrong with ME?”

I read all those books that said “You have to look within”. Well, I’ll tell you I looked within and all I saw was a person who was self critical and fearful! That didn’t help me build confidence, I assure you.

But through my research, and personal life experiences, I figured out that I was going about trying to build my confidence the wrong way. The slow way, the long way. The way that prevented me from ever arriving at that confidence at the core.

You see, the more I tried to get other’s approval, the more I always needed their approval. The more I prevented their criticism, the more I needed to keep preventing their criticism or rejection. I was caught up in a never ending cycle that I would never get out of, (and then I would blame myself for it.) Only because I had never really built that rock solid confidence IN MYSELF. I was only putting my efforts into trying to get it from someone else. With all the time I spent trying to prevent others’ criticism I probably could have built some really strong money-making skills!

So I learned how to get that quiet confidence from within myself, even though when I started I didn’t really believe in myself. I developed the self-confidence to not only have a seat at the table, but also now I even “own the room” in front of hundreds and even thousands of up-and-coming business professionals like you everyday.

In fact, here are just some of the organizations I’ve taught these skills to: Procter and Gamble, Merck, Oracle, GE, Deloitte, Freddie Mac, Visiting Nurse’s Service NY, American Management Association, National Association of Female Executives, Women Presidents Organization, Success Television, and many others.

And here are some of the media organizations who seek my advice so they can share with their readers how to build confidence.

Everyday I meet businesspeople who tell me about how much relief they would feel, how different life would be if they could just have a deep confidence in themselves.

Think for a moment about what successes you would have had this year if you had been 10x more confident than you are now? How much more money would you have put away for savings or used to have experiences with your family?

How many days would you have gotten home earlier from the office having gotten a lot more done?

What if you had been a much more confident leader? Who would be coming to work with you if you were that magnetic?

Well, you COULD have a fresh start as that confident person.

You too could have that feeling of fearlessness. Then when you have an idea, you’ll act on it. Then you will speak your true opinion in a meeting or in relationships. You could have peace of mind and RELIEF from the endless obsessing and negative thoughts. Just imagine how much easier it will be to get things done and get through the day when you are not battling against yourself and getting caught in the downward spiral of negative thoughts.

In this program I got immediate results!

“I wish I had taken this program five years ago. I could have spared myself a lot of needless suffering and been a lot further along in my life. I went through many other programs, and read books, but after months I never saw progress. In this program I got immediate results. It took less than 3 weeks for me -and others around me-to see the positives changes in my relationships and decision making.Now I have an inner calmness I’ve never experienced before, It’s incredible!”From Confidence to the Core, I learned “why” things have happened in my life, and then got the answer of ‘how’ to fix it. I’m now moving forward with several things in my life I had been reluctant to pursue. I’ve moved my compass in the direction I desperately needed.”

Maria Adams, Marketing Consultant

Most people I meet think they can’t be that confident person because they aren’t ‘smart enough’, they don’t ‘deserve’ it, or that it would be too much work or take too long.

But that’s a myth (and I’d like to prove it to you). In truth, it’s simply because you’ve never had the right understanding of ‘why you get in your own way’ and the tools to get confident fast. Gurus tell you to take action but they don’t help you understand why you’re not. Your friends tell you to believe in yourself but they don’t tell you how.

But I’m going to spill the beans to you. It’s become my mission in life to stop all the suffering that talented people have by living in fear of others and holding themselves back.

Let me throw you a rope to get you out of your quicksand. The Fast Confidence Program is based on my research at Harvard Medical School — it shows you the fastest way to become secure in yourself and happy with who you are.

You learn things about your confidence that help you…

“I’ve read every book and attended every training on this subject and I’ve never seen a program that drills right into how your personal psychology translates into your effectiveness in the outside world. You learn things about your confidence that help you in meetings, help you be more productive, help you make more money, and help you deal with people in your personal life. Having confidence in stressful situations helped me lower my blood pressure without medication too!”

Tom, Participant May 2011

Basically, I’ve taken the same methods that I use with my private clients and I’ve put them into one simple, step-by-step program that shows you why you’ve worked so hard to be confident but you’re still doubtful. And it shows you practical tools to ‘get out of your own way’. Except that in this program I’ve made the investment less than 10% of what it costs to work with me privately.

In the Fast Confidence program, you’ll be able to change your negative thoughts and stop worrying what people think even after the very first session.

From Day 1, you won’t waste time anymore getting into a knot about what other people think or getting down about setbacks. You will have plenty of time and energy to become that ‘go to’ person and the person who speaks up.

Are you ready to stop putting things off and start living up

to your professional, personal, and financial potential?

Let me guide you in this recorded 5-week power-packed program, which includes additional trainings on how to get rid of the ‘negative’ voice in your head.

  • The program consists of 5 recorded training sessions
  • You will follow along with your Action Guide
  • 2 small group consultations with Dr. Melnick herself ($500 value each)

Here’s the game plan of how I will guide you to build confidence fast, and forever:

Become Accomplished

From Approval-Seeking to Accomplished:  Get ready for bursts of energy, because in this first week, you are going to stop doing those behaviors that exhaust you.  It will only take listening to the first session to know how to finally free yourself from what other people think.  Phew!  And we’re just getting started.

Get tools to:

  • Speak up instead of keeping your mouth shut or softening your message
  • Be someone who takes action and is confident (instead of trying to please)
  • Be someone who is bold and knows how to take risks and succeed
I made more money in the last 7 days than in the last 5 months!

I said ‘No More’ to people pleasing and selling myself short. Already I’ve freed up several hours a week, and I made more money in the last 7 days than in the last 5 months.

J.D. Coons, Lawyer

I did a lot of things I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

“I learned that I do not have to get other’s approval in order to get from where I am to where I want to be.  I did a lot of things I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise, like write a book and become a public speaker. All of which has opened up a lot of client opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

Larry Lane, Lane Architecture

I got the outcome I wanted, a new client!

I didn’t realize how much of my energy was wasting time getting involved in other people’s situations, trying to make them approve of me. The increase in what I’ve been getting done in my week is INCREDIBLE. I stopped chatting with people, stopped surfing on the computer, stopped procrastinating, stopped questioning can I do it? The best thing is that already this weekend I got the outcome I wanted, a new client!

Jewel Buff, Prudential Douglas Elliman

The mental shift gave me a humongous leap forward in my career!

“The mental shift gave me a humongous leap forward in my career trajectory. I now make use of the credibility I’ve built with others. ‘I am who I am’ and I’m finally ok with that!

Orla N, Oracle Corporation

I do my job well and confidence comes to me!

“The first lesson changed my life. Everyday I feel much more relaxed, not nervous like I was in the past. I don’t have any more noisy thoughts, like ‘How I am going to approach this person or impress that person?’ Now I just do a great job. Now I’m not seeking confidence from other people, I do my job well and confidence comes to me!

E.R., participant May 2011

Become Self-Assured

From Self-Critical to Self-Assured:  In the second week, you are going to learn exactly what to do if your doubts creep back up again.  This way you won’t be afraid to take risks and you won’t talk yourself out of things anymore.

Get tools to:

  • Eliminate critical or doubting thoughts so you can have peace of mind
  • Stay focused and move forward instead of being caught up in knots about situations
  • Get your confidence back in a down economy and reinvent yourself to succeed in difficult times
  • Know how to put an end to beating yourself up and questioning yourself
  • Get surges of energy instead of being bogged down by comparing yourself  and holding yourself back
Negative voices are just not there.

“I used to wake in the morning to negative voices that would set up how my day would go. After your course, now they are just not there.”

Sarah Rosen, Marketing Consultant

I believe in myself!

“I don’t spiral into negative thinking anymore. I believe in myself, I’m focused, and I’m moving forward to accomplish!.”

Henry Davis, Coldwell Banker Hung Kennedy

I just inked my biggest deal ever!

“I no longer agonize over every little thing that is said.  All that worrying, what a waste! I now get home from work an hour earlier than everyday last month, AND I just inked my biggest deal ever – in the midst of a serious financial crisis.

Paul David, Investment Banker

Become Powerful

From Taking Things Personally to Powerful: Now that you are confident, and know how to swat away those pesky  doubts.  If you are the kind of person who takes things personally,  then this is the at last you’ll know how to stop being so reactive!

Get tools to:

  • Stay poised instead of taking things personally and getting reactive (this will make people respect you a lot more)
  • Take feedback and learn from it, instead of obsessing about what other people think
  • Start being the one in control of your life instead of letting events determine your day
  • Have more personal time by getting things done instead of obsessing about situations
My business is already up 80%!

“My business is already up 80% for the year. Things that would derail me for days and sometimes weeks now roll off my back in minutes.”

Craig L. Meadows, CLU, CLTC, ChFC Man. Dir., Northwestern Mutual

People respect me.

“It brings a level of peace and confidence that changes the way you do business. People respect me more. People want to work with me. It’s a much more comfortable place to be, I look forward to coming to work, it’s a lot of fun now. I let things roll off my back and I’ve earned a seat at the table.”

Pamela Naples

Career Confidence

Confidence At the Core in Your Career:  You are already going to feel solid confidence in yourself.  Now we want to make sure that you apply it in your career.  Your level of confidence will determine how productive you are and how effective you are at getting results.

Get tools to:

  • Learn how to quickly make more money in your business
  • See yourself as a leader so other people will see you as a leader
  • Be strong, confident and decisive in your career
  • Finally have tools to get over your procrastination
  • Stop taking on too much yourself instead of delegating
  • Stick to your Guns when interacting with someone Intimidating
  • Believe in your abilities and know how to take risks without fear of failure
  • Be a ‘go to’ person and a ‘get it done’ person
Now I am more respected at work and I get a lot more done.

“I am now calm and confident when interacting with people when I’m at work and when I’m out. I used to be tense worrying what other people were thinking, now I’m a whole lot better. Now I am more respected at work and I get a lot more done. Now I don’t have to suffer because I doubt myself – if I have done a good job I know it and feel it and I know the work is ready to be submitted. I’ve been wanting to start my own company, now that I have taken the program I am confident I can do it. I am going to the bank to get a loan. I am really happy I did this program.”

Ken Landstrom

I went from ‘good’ to ‘great’!

“I went from ‘good’ to ‘great’ – and fast! My business is already up 40% this year. Now I can concentrate on the things I enjoy.”

Peter Cleary, V.P., UBS Financial Services

I started the most successful service line in our region.

I used to take much more blame on myself, worry about what other people thought, and think that I wasn’t quite good enough. Now it’s a whole different picture: I started the most successful service line in our region. I developed a very influential position in the firm and have the most confidence I’ve ever had in my whole professional career!

Karen V., Partner, PriceWaterhouseCooper

I became ‘more deliberate, more decisive, more effective, more constructive, and more self trusting.’

“As a leader I became ‘more deliberate, more decisive, more effective, more constructive, and more self trusting.’ And I’ve been having more fun! Your process cuts through the noise and clutter. It’s not a band-aid, everything has changed for me and the changes get better over time. The ROI is huge!”

Ranaan Miller, CTO, Sionex Corp

I’ve spent more time with my kids since than in years. I feel solid to the core.

“Since learning your strategies I have been working feverishly and I have been really focused. My boss keeps thanking me and just moved me into a role I LOVE. I’ve spent more time with my kids since than in years. I feel solid to the core. Its been life changing, really.

Beverly S., Capital One

Confident Relationships

Core Confidence in Personal Relationships:  You are really going to have momentum by this point!  You are going to feel confident in yourself, and going to be confident in your career.  So the final frontier is to make sure you have that kind of ease in your personal and family relationships.

Get tools to:

  • Detach from long-time frustration that a family member doesn’t give you love or respect you deserve
  • Feel worthy of others’ love and romantic interest
  • Know how to be heard and earn others’ respect
  • Be more present and find more happiness in personal relationships.
I learned so much about myself – this had a HUGE positive impact on my life.

“I shifted my whole belief system, from who I thought I was, all the negative, ‘not enough’ thoughts to a clean slate. It was totally freeing to grow my relationship leaps and bounds to the point of marriage. I learned so much about myself – this had a HUGE positive impact on my life.”

Beth R., V.P., NurseFinders

Now I do what I feel authentically instead of doing things for other people.

“Now I don’t worry what other people think and I make my own decisions. Now I do what I feel authentically instead of doing things for other people. It’s profound!”

Michele Ester, Entrepreneur

The degree of confidence I feel after the course is significant.

“I saw an immediate difference in things being easier for me in my job and in my personal life. The degree of confidence I feel after the course is significant.”

Randy G., Lawyer

Things are pretty stressful these days. If you are going to be the one whose performance is so stand-out that you keep your job, you will need to be a confident leader. If you are going to make sure your prospects are coming to work with you and not your competition, you need to be a confident, ‘go-getter’ and much more productive person.

You could have that kind of confidence, and fast. By joining the fast confidence program, you could have that kind of confidence. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and be in the same place again at the end of next year.

Bonus 1 – “2 for 1” Give your child (or a young person you mentor) access to Fast Confidence for FREE (Value = $297) Too many times I’ve heard clients say “Where were you 20 years ago?” They say it kind of as a joke, but we both know it’s not a joke. In fact, it’s usually a moment filled with real emotion. What they say next is “If I had these tools 10 or 20 years ago, I would have been A LOT further in my career, and I would never have experienced all that fear and beating myself up”. Research shows that self esteem in early adult years makes the differences of anywhere between tens of thousands (for lower incomes) and hundreds of thousands of dollars in income (for higher earners)over a lifetime. Then people immediately ask me if I teach these tools to young people.

The answer is YES! Do you have a ‘young person’ in your life who could really use a big shot of Confidence in the arm? Who do you want to have more confidence, is it your child, your niece/nephew, a young college student you mentor? Think of how their life will be better when they have a confident attitude – their work ethic and grades will improve; they will handle themselves confidently in relationships; they will be ahead in their life and not fall behind. Research shows that a person’s level of confidence when they are a young adult will determine how much they earn over their entire lifetime. When highly confident young adults were compared with self-doubting young adults at mid-career, they had earned hundreds of thousands of dollars more.

You can give them the life-changing gift of lifelong Confidence for FREE. As soon as you sign up for the program, your ‘young person’ will be given the same access to the calls, transcripts, and opportunities to ask me questions directly.

Bonus 2 – Two small group “magic bullet” consultations with Dr. Melnick
(Value = $500) When we get on the phone you can tell me about a situation that makes you wish you could just wave a magic wand and you would be confident in. Then I’ll dig in to my treasure chest of 15 years of experience to give you the right tool to make you immediately feel confident. Usually it means I will give you an exact script of what to say and what to do in the situation. We’ll make sure that you leave the call with a clear plan so you can kiss goodbye to that burning problem within a few days.

Bonus 3 – “Take Charge of Your Thoughts: How to Change your 60,000 thoughts a day from negative and worried to positive and focused”
(Value = $97) Do you have a lot of negative and worried and doubting thoughts?  No problem! You’ll be given instant access to this popular 40 min audio training. You have 60,000 thoughts a day, and every one of them either takes you towards your goals, or away from them. If you do not have the success you want, it is so easy for you to change course. All you have to do is start having many thousands of thoughts a day that take you towards your goals. All you have to do is listen to this training as it  gives you step-by-step instructions what to do to change negative and worried thoughts into positive ones. You’ll start to notice that you are more positive and focused within minutes after listening!

Total Value = $2237

Full Payment $297 or 3 payments of $117.00

This program comes with not one but two money-back guarantees!

One, Go ahead and enroll in the program and listen in to the first session. If after you listen to the first class you don’t notice that you are less anxious and your friends don’t notice that you’ve had a surge of positive energy (and action-taking, and you don’t think this program will help you make huge progress towards your goals), I will refund your money before the second recording session..

Two, I am so confident that the approaches you learn in this program will help you grow your confidence by leaps and bounds, and make you much more effective in your professional AND your personal life, that I am willing to stand behind my methods. You can go through the entire course. If at that point and in our small group call you can provide me with evidence that you have applied at least 1 strategy from each of the sessions but the strategies have not helped you significantly raise your confidence level or be significantly more effective in your life, then you can receive a full refund for the program.